They Know!

30 12 2013

hateMany believers have told me that we need to “balance” grace with truth and make sure that the world knows what sin is. Here is a shocking “truth” for my brothers and sisters in Christ concerning “those people”…They already know!!!

They know that Evangelicals hate abortion, abortionists, women’s reproductive rights, sex education, birth control, pre-marital sex, LGBT rights, marriage equality, gay people in general, and those that practice such things.
They know that Evangelicals hate Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, atheists, feminists, social welfare programs, the Affordable Care Act, food stamps and those that support them, and the “shiftless” people that use them.
They know that Evangelicals hate evolution, and the sciences and scientists that support it.
They know that Evangelicals hate the legalization of drugs, the use of alcohol, and smoking and those that do.
They know that Evangelicals hate theology that challenges one narrow interpretation of Scripture and the “apostate” mainline churches that follow other interpretations.
They know that Evangelicals hate Harry Potter, Avatar, zombies, vampires and any other work of fiction that is not specifically “Christian”.

They know.

But do they know that…
without condition?

Do they know?

And do we Evangelicals know that we are to…
without condition?

Do we know?

Let us ponder that as we step through the door of a New Year.



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30 12 2013
Johnson, Debra C.


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Mark Lee posted: “Many believers have told me that we need to “balance” grace with truth and make sure that the world knows what sin is. Here is a shocking “truth” for my brothers and sisters in Christ concerning “those people”…They already know!!! They know that Evan”

31 12 2013

I had posted something on FB about our idolatry over our individual rights and freedom which was seen in how Christians reacted to the Duck Dynasty saga. I stated there are parts of Scripture I am uncertain of and do not simply want to say its just symbolic as an explanation for my interpretation. And I was crucified. How could I struggle with that particular section in Luke? How could I not see the Bible is clear on the homosexual issue (despite the fact we have how many denominations and theologies over baptism, the Lord’s Supper, Romans 9-11)? Didn’t feel any love in that conversation so I took it down. If I don’t feel loved and I am a believer, how much worse must it be for someone who does not consider themselves to be a follower of Christ?
We are so clear on what to believe. But we have no clue how to make another person feel valued, forgiven, and loved.

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