psalm 79: pour out your love

18 08 2014

Mark Lee:

Another beautiful post by Rabbi Brant Rosen

Originally posted on Yedid Nefesh:

can you pour out your love
upon the ones you do not know,
the ones who mutter their strange
and fearful prayers, who
refuse to call upon god
by your comfortable, familiar names?

can you tear open your robe and
let your compassion bleed out,
swaddling and comforting
those you have been taught to fear
with an indignation that burns
like a devouring fire?

are you ready to mourn
the dead of another family
whose blood is your blood,
the one who looks like a stranger
but is in truth,
your own flesh and kin?

throw open the doors,
and if the holy temple is to be defiled
let it be defiled
with unconditional love and grace,
profaned with the unbearably gorgeous
symphony of kaddishes
known and unknown.

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Ignorance Is Not A Spiritual Gift

14 08 2014

truthThe lament rises from church platforms and pews all over America, “Why do they hate us so much? All we are doing is loving them by telling them the truth!”

Stop for a moment! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever gotten mad at someone for telling you the truth?

The latest brouhaha comes from Christian blogger Matt Walsh because he entitles a blog post ” Robin Williams Didn’t Die From A Disease, He Died From His Choice”

Stop for another moment. If you had just lost a family member, or a close friend to suicide and you read that how would you feel? And be honest.

Christians in many corners of America think it is OK to trample over the emotions, feeling, thoughts, and lives of others because in our ignorance we have come to believe that it is  more important to tell them our interpretation of truth rather than have compassion, mercy, and love.

So we stand outside abortion clinics and tell women not to murder their babies.
We protest Gay Pride celebrations and hold up signs calling real, live human beings abominations because of their sexual orientation.
Well known Bible teachers tell parents to shun their own children if they come out to them as LGBT.
We support discrimination/ laws that seek to limit the rights of others in America.
We stand against bullying laws,
We rail against any gun legislation/or death penalty elimination,
We present false witness against government officials we don’t really know because a cable news network tells us so, regardless of whether or not it is true.
We wound, hurt and damage people because we either don’t know or don’t care how people feel after we eviscerate them with our words of “truth in love”

All under the banner of “speaking the truth in love”. And then, wonder of wonders we cry persecution because of how people react to our ” loving them”.

When did we decide that God has made us (and I am borrowing from Mr. Walsh himself) Professional sayers of truth?

Have we become so ignorant that we cannot see the damage we are doing the beautiful, liberating Gospel of God’s Grace in Jesus? Have we become so ignorant that we cannot see how we, ourselves stand between the God of unconditional love and those in desperate need of it? Are we so ignorant not tho know that the god we present to the world and the True God are polar opposites.

It’s time we stop being ignorant….it is not a spiritual gift.




“Professional Sayer Of Truth”

12 08 2014

The above title is actually in the bio section of Christian blogger, Matt Walsh. But before I get into what that says to people turned off by Christianity, letsdepression take a moment and talk about one of his latest posts in which he minimizes the effects Clinical Depression has on the choices one makes. In this case, he writes of the very recent suicide of Robin Williams.

In this post, it appears to me that Mr Walsh believes that major depression really does not have an influence over the choices one makes. In other words, the responsibility of taking one’s life has nothing to do with a person’s mental state. But I can assure Mr Walsh that people are propelled to make many choices in life that have a direct correlation to that persons mental health, that if that person had been in their “right mind” (mentally stable) they would not have made that choice.

The tragedy of Robin Williams death brings to light once again the ignorance  and stigma that surrounds mental illness.

I want to get back to the “sayer of truth” idea for a moment. When a believer states that they possess absolute truth, when they claim to be a “sayer of truth” they appear to most outsiders to the Christian faith as pompous. No one has the corner on “absolute truth”. I don’t, you don’t and Mr Walsh doesn’t.

Robin Williams was a victim of his mental illness, in this case, depression. It is a tragedy, a horror, and a great loss. As believers we should be weeping with those who weep and mourning with those who mourn. Not telling people the “truth”.

May Robin Williams rest in peace.


What I (And You) Don’t Know About God

11 08 2014

don't knowThere are hundreds of thousands of Evangelical Americans running around telling you, me, and a whole lot of other people what God is like, what He has done, who He is going to judge, and how it all ends. But here is the truth…no one really has absolute knowledge of any of it. And when we try to tell someone “the Truth” it sounds more like arrogance and pomposity. We claim to know absolute truth about the creation, the reasons God judged and continues to judge sin, what the Bible “plainly” says about any number of issues, including American politics/social issues, hell, heaven, salvation, the end of the world. We seem to have all of it all figured out.


What if we are wrong about some things, what of we just don’t have it quite right. What if we allow too much of our 21st century American thinking to color what the Bible really says. I mean, you and me and every other Christian is fallible, so who are we to judge anyone? I certainly am not. At this time in my life I struggle intensely with my faith, with the direction of my life, and the choices I have made and NEED to make.

I remember when I was a “fresh pressed” Evangelical. I was on fire! I knew without a doubt who/what God hated, who/what He was going to judge, and how I needed to act in order to curry His favor. I remember telling people, unless they stopped smoking, drinking, watching television, listening the “devil’s” music, celebrated Halloween, teaching their children that Santa (aka Satan) Claus was real and a multitude of other “sins” that they were in danger of the unquenchable flames of Hell. And everyday I knew that Jesus was coming back to take us, the elect, to heaven and burn up this filthy, wicked world and all the “sinners” with it. And we would be standing around Heaven rejoicing in the destruction of billions of souls.

But then I grew up in my faith…

Now I question, because everything in our faith is not cut and dry. In fact, most things are shades of gray rather than black and white. It makes me really angry when I hear a brother or sister in Christ pontificating on how the Bible is clear on this or that issue. Because we really don’t know it all.

The Bible is not always clear, and if you take verses out of context like many people do, it becomes even murkier.

I use to have all the answers, but these days I have mostly questions.


Selfish Or Self-Care

8 08 2014

self careA friend of mine told me yesterday that I need to take care of myself. This after about 50 minutes of complaining to him about the church. my job, my family life, and my life in general. In each of the situations he asked me what I am going to do to change things. and honestly I didn’t know.

A little background…

I have been involved in “the church” for over 33 years and let me tell you there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in those pastor/elder/deacon meetings. There is also a lack of anything going on the pews when it comes to the real Gospel. So over the years, I have thought it was my mission to try to fix the church. That can get exhausting.

Second, I have been in the field of counseling/social services for a good 15 years now, and I have seen and heard things that, well, would shock the average person and give cardiac arrest to the average churchgoers.  During this time I have learned that while there are many people in need of  social services, there are some that really and truly do take advantage of these services and the people who are trying to help them.  Over the last six months I have begun to think that maybe the Republicans are right (ok, not really!). But my heart has become a bit jaded and little less compassionate.  I discovered am trying to do more for people that they are really willing to attempt to do for themselves, feeling as if I am somehow responsible for their well-being. That can get overwhelming.

Finally, there is a lot of things going on within my own family. Issues from all corners, including issues from within myself that I have come to terms with, yet at this point feel stuck. Trying to have all the answers and also be “on” can be draining emotionally and physically.

So there you have it…

I am exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally and physically drained. And I feel that I am of no help to anyone.

But, my internal critic says to me, “Aren’t you being a wee bit selfish talking about you with so many issues going on in those circles in which you reside? Aren’t you suppose to be strong in the Lord, mount up on wings of eagles, cast all your care on Him, trust Him to supply and provide all of your needs in Christ Jesus? Doesn’t this self-absorbed attitude show a lack of faith? Doesn’t God want you to focus on others?

So for a long time my inner critic has had my ear.

But yesterday a wonderful friend gave me permission to stop listening to my critic, and start to focus on restoring my heart, my soul, my compassion, and my connection with the Creator.

And that is what I am going to do.

Thank you my dear friend, you have kept hope alive in me.

For Tisha B’Av: A Lamentation for Gaza

4 08 2014

Mark Lee:

This is a stunning beautiful and heartwrenching piece. I share it on my blog because there needs to be a great deal more compassion from Evangelicals when it comes to the Palestinians and our rabid, no questions asked support of Israel. Please read and share. Thank you Rabbi Rosen

Originally posted on Shalom Rav:


This Monday night begins the Jewish fast of Tisha B’Av: a day of mourning for the calamities that have befallen the Jewish people over the centuries. Among other things, the traditional Tisha B’Av liturgy includes the chanting Biblical book of  Lamentations.

Given the profoundly tragic events currently unfolding in Gaza, I offer this reworking of the first chapter of Lamentations.  I share it with the hope that on this day of mourning we might also mourn the mounting dead in Gaza – along with what Israel has become…

A Lamentation for Gaza

Gaza weeps alone.
Bombs falling without end
her cheeks wet with tears.
A widow abandoned
imprisoned on all sides
with none willing to save her.

We who once knew oppression
have become the oppressors.
Those who have been pursued
are now the pursuers.
We have uprooted families
from their homes, we have
driven them deep into
this desolate…

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What Christians Forget

25 07 2014

The 13-year-old pregnant girl sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend…        abandoned church

The 24-year-old gay man beaten into a coma after coming out of a gay bar…

The 52-year-old man experiencing a horrible,  painful death at the hands of the State…

The kindergarten/ first grade children shot to death by an insane teenager…

The Palestinian children having limbs blown off by an Israeli rocket…

The fearful children fleeing violence in their countries being accosted by god and guns Christian “patriots” as they are taken for medical care…

The single mother dependent on food stamps and Medicaid to supplement her full-time minimum wage income from Wal-Mart….

The 18 year girl working at Hobby Lobby that lost insurance coverage for birth control now seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy…

The thousands of dead Iraqi’s due to Christian America’s blood lust for war…

These (and so many more) are the PEOPLE we “Christians”  tend forget when we get riled up about the cultural/social issues of our day.  Our words wound, our words cheapen, our words disregard, our words demean, and our words cause death.

Our words, and our action reflect not the love of Jesus, but the biases, and proclivities of our own hatred, and judgement.

God have mercy on Your American Church.

Help us get our house in order.





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